Ansell HyFlex 11-812

Ansell HyFlex 11-812

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Ansell HyFlex 11-812

  • Specialized protection: Designed for the operation of rotating machinery, HyFlex® 11-812 industrial gloves’ ultra-thin liner deliberately tears when they become entangled and the wearer is at risk of severe injury
  • Advanced comfort and dexterity: Developed with ERGOFORM™ Technology and ZONZ™ Comfort Fit knitwork, these HyFlex® gloves offer users a tailored fit, for less strain and tension and greater comfort and dexterity
  • Heightened tactility: Their thin liner also enhances tactile sensitivity, making them ideal for delicate handling
  • Certified skin-friendly and harm-free: They are Dermatest®-approved, solvent-free, and Oekotex®-certified for no harmful substances

Usage Precautions
• This glove will not directly protect the worker from injuries caused by contact with a sharp or high-speed rotating machine.
• If a glove becomes entangled in a rotating machine, whether or not it tears, it should be discarded and not used again.
• HyFlex® 11-812 industrial gloves have been designed for rotating tools with a minimum torque of 10 Nm [7.4 ft-lb], reaching speeds of over 200 rotations per minute (RPM). HyFlex® 11-812 safety gloves are not recommended for rotating tools with lower torque and/or speed levels. An in-depth analysis of application requirements, using AnsellGUARDIAN, is essential before use.







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